CCD Imaging Program

CCD Program

Ever wanted to try CCD Astrophotography? Ever wanted to use state of the art research grade equipment? Been bitten by the CCD imaging bug?

Southern-Astro offers a comprehensive CCD Astrophotography program for amateur astronomer. We guarantee you will walk away with your own CCD image at the end of the night*.

This program puts you in the drivers seat allowing you full control over all the telescope, mount and CCD camera with full guided instruction along the way.

CCD Program



RC Optical Systems – Ritchey-Chretien 317mm (12.5″)

Why use a Ritchey-Chretien Telescope?

Robotic Telescope Mount

Paramount ME

CCD Camera

SBIG 2000XM Astronomical CCD Imaging Camera

Adaptive Optics Device

Filter Sets: Standard Red, Green, Blue, Clear. Hubble Pallet: HA, SII, OIII.

The program includes:

  1. Guided tour of the telescope, mount and CCD camera.

  2. CCD imaging planning session and target selection.

  3. Image acquisition (90mins – 180 mins).

  4. Image processing (done by the instructor*) or yourself.

  5. Optional: Posting of the image on

  6. A CD with all the raw images for processing by yourself at a later stage.

How to book or have a question?

Phone Brad Moore on 0410 748 679 or email: Email

The program in run on Friday and Saturday nights and commences 2 hours before dusk and will finish between 2am-3am. Maximum of two people. No children under the age of 16 years.

Cost: $100 AUD

Payment by: Cash, Cheque, PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Location: 50km south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia near the end of the Monash Freeway.

* Conditions

  1. Subject to weather

  2. Subject to image processing by the instructor.

  3. If guarantee is not met, 30% refund or second night at no extra cost.

  4. Pricing quoted in Australian Dollars.

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