Dark Frame Manager

Dark Frame Manager automates the process of taking darks frames so one can build and maintain dark library with easy.

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Cost: $19.95 AUD (approximately $15.00 USD)

Unregistered version is limited to 3 slots only.

Maintaining a good dark frame library can be a lengthy and tedious process. Dark frames by nature represents your cameras dark noise for a given CCD temperature by combined a series of same dark frame you can reduce noise and improve its signal providing you with a master dark frame. By combining (stacking) a series of dark frames you begin to reduce and remove the natural variation between each dark frame sub exposure, which improves your signal to noise ratio.

The more you eliminate noise the better your signal which ultimately produces a superior image. It all starts with having good set of master dark frames.

I set my standards high; I take up to 25 sub frames then combined each sub frame with a Sigma Reject algorithm to produce a master dark frame. I do this every three months to keep my dark frames current as slight variations between dark frames have been noted.

My dark library consists of following:

5, 10, 15, 30 and 60mins darks Bin1x1 (Luminance and Narrowband) at -20c

5, 10, 15 and 30mins darks Bin1x1 (RGB) at -20c

It takes me 225 individual dark sub frames at a total exposure time of 75 hours or 10 nights to maintain my dark library every 3 months. I found this process tedious and time consuming so I wrote Dark Frame Manager which automates the process of building a dark frame library.

Features Include:

1. Supports CCDSoft v5 and MaximDL v4.51

2. Supports Regulated and Non-Regulated Temperature Cameras.

3. Grouped directory structure for all dark frames sub exposures.

4. Upto 50 different dark frame exposures combination can be configured in a single run.

5. Time scheduling for unattended automated dark frame acquisition over multiple nights.

6. Automated cooling control.

7. Automated Camera Start-up/Shutdown.

8. Repeat on individual sub exposures and as a master group.

9. Save/Load configurations profiles.

10. Provides a total estimated run time based on your current configuration.

11. Detailed logging.


1. CCDSoft v5 or MaximDL v4.5

2. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

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