LX200Gps DEC Repair

LX200Gps New DEC Parts

The new DEC assembly and DEC PCB.

Broken Burnt Out DEC Motor and Dead DEC PBC

The burnt out DEC motor and dead DEC PCB to be replaced.

DEC Drive Gear

DEC gear removed from LX200Gps fork arm.

DEC Drive Parts with EZ Clutch Kit

DEC clutch parts with EZ Clutch Kit (cork o-ring) removed from LX200Gps fork arm.

Old PCB Stuck

The PCB is stuck to the fork arm where the DEC assembly spring rests. Removed by using pliers.

New PCB Installed

New PCB installed.

New DEC Assembly

New DEC assembly with Meade’s new brass gears. These brass gears look like Buck’s Gears.

New DEC Assembly Installed

New DEC assembly installed.

Clutch re-installed. Fully tested and working!

Clutch re-installed. Ready for testing! Tested perfectly!

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