International Remote Imaging Rates

Remote Imaging Program

International Remote Imaging Rates

In United States Dollars and Exclude Australia Good and Services Tax.

Package: Introduction

Time: 2 Hours

Cost: $15.00 USD

Package: 2 Hour Block

Time: 2 Hours

Cost: $49.00 AUD

Package: 4 Hour Block

Time: 4 Hours

Cost: $79.00 USD

Package: Full Night

Time: All Night

Cost: $139.00 USD

What happens after ordering a package?

I receive an email from PayPal advising me of your order and payment.

I will email you requesting your username, password, telephone number and address.

Once I have this information I will create your account on the observatory and the observatory forums. Feel free to email me this information along with your PayPal receipt.

I will then email you your account and login details.

I normally will complete this within 12-48 hours. If you need to contact me please feel free to call me on +61 410 748 679 outside Australia or 0410 748 679 within Australia during 9am to 9pm Australia Eastern Standard Time (+10 Hours GMT) Monday to Sunday.

You will need to login to the forums and schedule your first observing session in the calendar. After you’ve scheduled your time you are free to login to the telescope remotely. Details on how to access the telescope and a comprehensive how to guide is located on the forums.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing time on Southern Astro Observatory you agree to the following:

1. Introduction packages can only be ordered once per user account, if you run over your 2 hour time limit you won’t be charged any additional fees.

2. All pricing quoted is in USD. A invoice will be sent to your email address approximately 24-48 hours after the receipt of the PayPal order.

3. Observatory time is allocated on a first in, first served basis and is your responsibility to unsure you have sufficient time remaining on your account.

4. Bookings can be made anytime e.g. weekdays or weekend.

5. Bookings can be made immediately (e.g. on the night) subject to me being available via MSN, Skype or phone (to roll off the roof) otherwise 24 hour notice is preferred so I can organise myself to be around. Assuming a current booking doesn’t exisit at the time.

6. You are not permitted to allocate Observatory time that you don’t have. E.g. Booking 2 x 4 hour sessions when you have only paid for 4 hours.

7. We will contact you via Phone, Email, ICQ, Skype or MSN Messenger to advise you if your scheduled observing session is proceeding based on current weather conditions. If weather conditions aren’t suitable you are free to reschedule your time on the observatory calendar.

8. You will not delete any other users allocated observing time, all activity is logged.

9. If you go over your allocated time it will be charged at the nearest block rate prorated (30 mins over your grace time = .5 hour x $69 = $34.50) and a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email account. You can also explicitly advise us to end your session after your time has expired which means you will not be liable for any overtime fees.

10. A 15 minute grace time window applies to the start and the end of your session, to allow for target selection and for the last sub-exposure.

11. Once block time is purchased your account will be made on the Observatory and the Observatory Forums.

12. You can make a time credit claim if there is a technical failure or if weather conditions deteriorate. A claim request can be made through your forum account, please ensure to include the date and time of your session. Claims can be made up to 2 weeks after the observing session.

13. The observatory will only open if weather conditions are suitable. This is at the sole discretion of Southern Astro, please check this page for current conditions.

14. If weather conditions deteriorate Southern Astro reserves the right to immediately terminate your session at any given time.

15. We expect you to be reachable via ICQ, Skype or MSN Messenger when using the observatory.

16. We expect you to provide us with your full name, address and contact telephone number.

17. We will cool down the instruments 2-3 hours before your planned observing session, as long as the booking is made 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.

18. We will not be held liable if Internet communications fails during your scheduled observing session. If a plan or a job as been submitted it will continue to run unattended, unless you advise us to terminate your session.

19. A “full night” or “all night” package means from dusk to dawn or 8 hours which ever is longer, you can also break the time into 2 x 4 hour sessions.

20. 4 hour and Full Night (8 hour) block time can be halved and split over two observing sessions. You can not split an 8 hour block into 4 x 2 hour sessions or split a 4 hour block into 4 x 1 hour sessions.

21. Any unused time at the end of the observing session can be rolled over into another block time purchase. Left over time will not be refunded. The minimum session time that can be booked is 2 hours.

22. Reasonable efforts must be made to use your scheduled observing time. E.g. If you have scheduled a 4 hour block, please make a reasonable effort to use 4 hours.

23. If you are using a 2 hour or 4 hour block please be mindful if another user has scheduled time after you, please finish your observing session on time. Otherwise you are free to go overtime and be charged at the prorated block rate if you have opted to do so.

24. If you have allocated observatory time and do not show up, you will be charged for half of your scheduled time.

25. Time usage starts when you have exclusive control of the observatory and continues until a) you release this control b) your image run ends c) the weather becomes unsuitable.

Contact Details:

Phone: Brad Moore Within Australia: 0410 748 679, Outside Australia: +61 4 1074 8679 or email me.

Location: 50km south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia under Mag 5 Skies.

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