RCOS 12.5″ Open Truss and Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

RCOS & Paramount ME

PEMPro and Paramount ME

Paramount ME PE.

PEMPro measured a raw PE of 3.6 arc-seconds peak to peak over 10 worm cycles. With PEC enabled PEMPro measured a corrected PE of 0.6 arc-seconds peak to peak, which means local seeing conditions are now the limiting factor.

Paramount ME Raw Periodic Error

Paramount ME PE.

Here is an unfair comparison of a Paramount ME and an LX200Gps showing the difference in raw periodic error. I guess it’s like cracking a nut with a steam roller.

Paramount ME in a Box

Paramount ME in a box.

This thing is massive. At 31.5 KG it is a real back breaker.

Paramount ME on the Floor.

Paramount ME on the floor.

The height is just short of a 2 draw filing cabinet.

Back View of the ME.

Back View.

The business end of the ME, the hole in the back panel is for through the mount cabling.

ME Control Panel.

Control Panel.

This is one of two control panels. The second control panel attaches to the mounting (versa) plate.

ME Side View.

Side View.

All the controls are silky smooth I’ve never felt anything like it before in a mount.

The final demise of the infamous wooden pier.

The Destroyed Wooden Pier

Who said this wooden pier isn’t rock solid? It took me 16 hours and 2 types of jack hammers to get this thing out. This is making way for a solid concrete footing that will be attached to a steel pier which is custom build for the new mount.

The type of hole in the ground that Pete would like to have!

The hole!

700mm Deep x 500mm Wide x 500mm Long hole in the ground for the new footing.

Concrete Rubble

The Rubble

The pile of concrete that I jack hammered out from around the old pier.

A New Mount and Telescope on Order!

I have a Ritchey-Chretien telescope on order along with a new mount, which I expect to take delivery around late November 2005.

This means I have to get rid of my old pier and make way for a new one.

Whilst I stand by my old wooden pier it wasn’t designed for the new mount and telescope I have on order.

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